General principle

Miraculix means a miracle.
Miracles surprise and inspire wonder.
Wonders belong to children, because children are especially able to marvel, to understand, to see behind things.
Children harbor a potential that astonishes.
This extraordinary potential wants to help to further the development of Miraculix.

…to value each child for its uniqueness
…to take the child’s actions and words seriously
…to understand the child in its sovereignty
…to strengthen the child’s self-confidence so that the child can discover abilities as well as limitations and to deal with them
…to give the child encouragement and to make demands so that he will grow up to become a responsible human being
…to accompany the child with suggestions that are supportive

We, as child care specialists, can also learn a lot from the children as we travel together each new day down the road called the “school of life”.


The Leadership Team
The leadership and deputy leadership work together on a partnership basis.
The two discuss and make mutual decisions from a pedagogical point of view. Together they are responsible for the holistic view. These standpoints are jointly communicated internally and externally.
The leadership team believes that maintaining an open ear and lending moral support to the employees are two extremely important tasks.

The Staff Team
We appreciate the uniqueness and the skills of each employee. Our strength lies in interaction. Meetings, one on one discussions and learning and development contribute to excellent teamwork and towards growing on a personal level. Our team also includes employees of a commercial kitchen, who provide us with nutritional food, those in the administration and those in finance.

THE PARENTS (as well as grandparents and close caregivers)

We are aware that you have a huge responsibility. This fills us with great respect. We will try to meet your wishes to the best of our possibilities; we will take time to answer any questions which you may have. Discretion is given top priority. If there are difficulties, we will seek solutions together; we will share with you the progress of your children.



The vocational school, through our apprentices.
Other training organizations that require placements for trainees.
Experts in the fields of fostering during early childhood (e.g. pediatricians, parental counselors, special needs services, speech therapists).
The municipality of Baar, specifically the Department of Child Care Services, the social welfare office, other daycare centers, kindergartens.
Neighbors, alumni and patrons.

Exchanges, meetings and agreements with the parties involved are very important to us, mainly for the benefit of the child.
Our door is open (by appointment) for visits.
Parents, patrons, young people in the career choice phase and other interested parties are very welcome.


Regardless whether the “Miraculix” children become bakers, go into research, or information technology; whether they become artists, work at the post office or go into management; whether they will realize their potential in politics, business, education or wherever they decide to make their contributions, the experience acquired in “Miraculix” will remain with them an entire lifetime and will be a guiding star in future.