Probation period

The Child is allowed to visit the nursery school; two times a half a day or one complete day.

This time can be used for the parents in order to make a final decision. If we receive a positive answer, we kindly ask you to sign a contract with Miarculix.

Opening time

Monday to Friday 6.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. Each child appears at the contractually specified times.

  • Who visits the Kindertreff Miraculix in the morning without lunch, should come and pick up the the child not later than 11.45 o’clock.
  • Who visits the Kindertreff Miraculix in the afternoon should not bring the child later than 13.15.

On local public holidays the nursery school «Miraculix» is closed.


For all Meals also «Znüni» which is a mid-morning-snack and «Zvieri» which is a   mid–afternoon-snack cares Miraculix. If something special is wished, like crackers or something from the own garden, it can be brought but it is not necessary. It should be noted that these products may contain no sugar. Other children may also like to try these products.

For your information: we are cleaning the teeth after lunch.

Personal goods

Following items should be brought in a backpack or bag:

  • suitable bottle
  • anti-slip sox (rubber sole, not only nubs)
  • clothing to change
  • if needed diapers and wet tissues
  • pacifier, Baby wipes
  • tooth brush (appropriate toothpaste for children is available at Miraculix)


Please clearly mention on each of your items the name of your child. Please use if possible a waterproof pen. Otherwise, we won’t be responsible for any lost items.


To be prepared for all kind of weather, we kindly ask you to bring sun and/or rain protection and in addition please also bring rubber boots.


Please inform us in advance in a written statement about special wishes, questions and changes (holiday absences, bring- or pick up times, extraordinary escorts like Grandmother, Godfather etc.).

A Tip

If you have any questions or difficulties, we would really appreciate if you contact the managment of Miraculix as early as possible. We are most probably able to solve and to find solutions in a discussion.